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Forum Thread: How to Keep Snakes Out of Your Yard

Many homeowners are searching for information about how to keep snakes out of their yard. If you have them near your home, it is usually a good sign your environment is thriving. Snake infestations are much more common in healthy ecosystems. However, no one enjoys living close to these frightening reptiles. Even though most species are harmless, homeowners want them out quickly and painlessly. That is why I am going to show you the best tips for keeping a snake out of a yard or garden.

Forum Thread: How to Kill Fleas in the Yard Naturally

In this tutorial, I am going to teach you how to kill fleas in your yard naturally. We will be using a natural remedy that is extremely effective. Unlike every other toxic product, this formula is completely safe for humans, pets and the environment. Most homeowners do not realize the potential side effects that these harsh chemicals can cause. They may work great for killing fleas in yards but they can also harm your children and animals. There are 100% natural ways to get rid of these pests...

Forum Thread: How to Get Rid of Mealybugs

What Are Mealybugs? Mealybugs are snowy-colored insects, soft in body. They mostly inhabit warm climates, clinging closely to plants grown indoors and outdoors. With their cotton like soft body, they inject a stylet (long sucking mouthpart) into plants to suck-up the sap from plant tissues. At base level, Mealybugs do seem harmless. However, when an infestation increases in number, the consequences include a weak plant, curling and yellowing of leaves. To elude the effects of an all out attac...

Forum Thread: How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

Fruit flies are attracted to fruits. This makes it quite the challenge to protect your fruits from them. As a common-placed challenge for homeowners, many have failed miserably to eradicate them from their home. Fortunately, I've cooked up five(5) practical suggestions that any homeowner can take to get rid of fruit flies.

Forum Thread: How to Get Rid of Little Black Ants in Your Bathroom

Do you need some help with getting rid of little black ants in your bathroom? There are many different species of ants that could be invading this sacred area. Pharaoh ants are the most common type found in bathrooms. Little black Argentine and odorous house ants can also come in from the outside and make a nest in your walls. It is usually helpful to know which species you are dealing with to formulate the proper extermination strategy. However, unless you have an entomologist on speed dial,...

Forum Thread: How to Get Rid of House Flies

Would you like valuable tips on how to get rid of house flies? Everybody has faced a house fly inside their home at some time or another. Having those bothersome creatures buzzing around my household drives me bonkers. This year is without doubt one of the worst that I can remember. You don't have to be a pest control expert to embark on this how-to adventure. If you have house flies that you need to eliminate inside your house or in your backyard, follow the simple measures in this video tut...

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