How To: Clean crayon marks off of painted walls

Clean crayon marks off of painted walls

Don't panic if you've got a budding Picasso at home—cleaning crayon off of painted walls is simple. Check out this Howcast video tutorial on how to clean crayon marks off of painted walls.

You Will Need

* A clean white rag
* A clean sponge
* Liquid dish detergent
* A bowl or bucket of warm water
* An automotive lubricant like WD-40
* Baby wipes
* A mildly abrasive bathroom cleaner
* Some baking soda
* Paper towels
* An iron

Step 1. Pick a cleaner
Step 2. Test the cleaner
Step 3. Apply
Step 4. Rinse the wall
Step 5. Melt it off
Step 6. Check all crayons and markers
Step 7. Buy an easel

Tip: Don't rub too hard or you may damage the paint surface!

Fact: Scribbling is an essential developmental task; the process of drawing strengthens a child's ability to read and write later on, and also fosters creative thinking.

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