How To: Unlock A Privacy Door Handle

Unlock A Privacy Door Handle

When owning a home one type of lever set you may have in your home is a privacy lever. In a privacy lever set, the main feature is that the door can only be locked from the inside. Sometimes a kid might get locked in or someone may accidentally lock the door behind them.  It's really easy to unlock it in an emergency.


Before unlocking a privacy door, make sure the person inside is aware you are entering or that no one is inside the room.

Step 1 Locate a device to unlock the lever.

To unlock your lever set you will need to find a small pin or paper clip. Some lever sets will come with a special tool, although any of these devices should work.

Step 2 Locate the small hole on the front of your lever set.

Step 3 Take your small pin or paper clip and insert into small hole.

Step 4 Feel the back of the locking mechanism & push in to unlock the door.

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Just wanted to say thank you and your a life saver! Imagine a 17 year old accidentally locking the bedroom door,lol You saved him from hours of extra chores. The flat head screw driver was the trick and nothing else had worked. Thanks again, Kara

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