How To: Fold a towel into an elephant shape

Fold a towel into an elephant shape

These elephant-shaped towels are so cute and easy to create that you'll never want to use them for drying.

Step 1: Open towel and lay flat
Open the bath towel lengthwise and lay it flat on the floor. Roll each side inward, toward the center.

Step 2: Fold in half at center
Fold the rolled towel in half with each rolled side serving as a pair of elephant legs, and then stand the legs up.

Step 3: Roll hand towel
Hold the center of the edge of the hand towel between your teeth. Using your hands, roll the top edges inward and downward, making a narrow upside-down "V."

Step 4: Roll up bottom three inches
Roll the point of the "V" up three inches to form the upward curve of an elephant trunk.

Step 5: Pull top for flap ears
Pull down the top layer of the wide end of the trunk to form the ears.

Place animal eyes – which can be purchased at a craft store – at the top of the hand towel, above the flap and between the ears.

Step 6: Set atop larger towel
Set the hand towel trunk with ears and eyes on top of the larger towel, which will serve as the body.

Fact: When author Douglas Adams died, fans instituted "Towel Day," a reference to his book The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

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