How To: Turbo charge a toilet flush

Turbo charge a toilet flush

Some toilets just don't have enough flushing power. As in, when you flush the toilet not all of the, er, stuff, goes down. As a result you have to flush the toilet twice, wasting water and your time.

Turbo charge your toilet flushing by checking out the tip in this video, which will help you increase water pressure. You'll learn how to make a flush that's too strong weaker and how to conserve water, as well.

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Holding the handle down while you flush until the water is gone helps the water run a little longer and stronger. Also my son-in-law says, if it's brown, hold it down!!! ;)

This is a commercial toilet used in restaurants. Mall's etc. I have never seen a residential toilet look like this. How does one increase the water pressure on a residential toilet?

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