How To: Choose and clean your eco-friendly countertops

Choose and clean your eco-friendly countertops

-It is very important that you choose the right counter top. Although granite and marble may look good, they are not kind to the environment because they are mine deep out of the Earth.
-If you want the look of granite and the durability of marble, there is a green option.
-This type of counter top is made out of recycled glass and concrete, they are radon free and emit zero VOCs.
-VOC= Volatile Organic Compounds
-To keep them clean you will want a microfiber towel.
-Just spray plain water on the towel, this removes 97% of germs and bacteria.
-Another way to disinfect is to put rubbing alcohol onto a cotton ball, this gets rid of 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It also evaporates quickly.

This video will benefit anyway looking for a more Eco-friendly counter top.

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