How To: Get rid of gnats

Get rid of gnats

The method explained in this video is a very simple method to get rid of fruit flies.

Materials required for this method are:

1) apple cider vinegar

2) small bowl

3) dishwasher bleach solution


Fruit flies are commonly seen in many parts of the house, near the mats, in the kitchen and so on, so what we have to do really is take a bowl and some apple cider vinegar, if apple cider vinegar is available we can also use red wine, then add 2 drops of dish wash bleach solution to the bowl containing vinegar, the soap breaks up the surface tension of vinegar, preventing the flies to escape once they get inside the bowl, this bowl containing the mixture can be placed in those places that are frequented by the fruit flies, and the flies are attracted by the vinegar, and when the flies try to take the vinegar they will be trapped inside the bowl and they cant fly because the mixture makes them sticky, making them impossible to escape. This method is very simple and anyone can follow this method to get rid of fruit flies from their home.

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Love it. Can't wait to go to the store. Thanks for the great tip.

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