How To: Organize the clothing in your home closet

Organize the clothing in your home closet

In this video from DiscountTrendsetter we learn how to organize your closet! First take inventory of what you have an eliminate items you don't need. Place items such as oversized t-shirts in a drawer or in a bag. Keep your closet for your trendy stuff. Items that are ripped, torn, bleached, etc, get rid of them. Items that are still trendy, but you know you won't wear again, get rid of as well! If you haven't worn something in 2 years, give that item away! Now what you have left are the items that you want to organize in your closet. Put your clothes into categories just like stores do. In the front she has short sleeve shirts first, then long sleeve shirts. After that she puts in dressy pants and then denim jeans. Next she added skirts according to color from light to dark. Then she has her dresses, and her jackets. Sweaters and long sleeve shirts are at the top of her closet. With a well organized closet you can now see what you need before you shopping as well! It will save you time and money!

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