How To: Polish church appointments, like a chalice and candle

Polish church appointments, like a chalice and candle

Watch this video tutorial from the Polish Guy to see how to polish church appointments, like a chalice and candle. In this demonstration we use a Church Polish & Cleaning Kit that includes Simichrome and Flitz to polish a brass chalice and candle stick. The tutorial includes detailed work instructions and best practices.


Church Polish & Cleaning Kit
Micro Fiber Cloth
Pair of nitrile gloves (Optional)
Paper towel or small soft rag


1. Apply an ample dime size spot of non-toxic Flitz polish onto the finger tip of your nitrile glove. The nitrile gloves is an easy way to apply a controlled thin amount of polish onto the chalice with out wasting any, as you would if it is applied with a cloth. The gloves also aid in keeping your hands clean. Cover the entire brass surface of the chalice. Wait a minute or so and then wipe off the polish with a soft rag before it dries. The use of a microfiber cloth that comes with the kit works very well. Turn it often to get to a clean spot and buff briskly to a high sheen as desired.

2. On the candle stick we used Simichrome polish that comes with the kit. It is a more aggressive polish than Flitz . It will clean and shine items like the brass candle sticks we are using in this demonstration quickly and easily. On items where there may be a heavy build up of candle wax, it is helpful if you remove the wax with hot water or even a hair dryer and wipe the wax clean with a paper towel before polishing.

3. Try using the micro fiber cloth that comes with the kit for all your church dusting. Microfiber cloths clean streak free and lint free. They also work very well on glass and mirror surfaces with out any chemicals. Micro cloths are reusable 100s of times. To clean just machine wash warm with colors and air dry.

4. When using any polish, it is always advisable to try it in a small inconspicuous spot to see if you like the results especially on thinly plated items.

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