How To: Make the bed

Make the bed

Having a hard time making your bed? This video shows you how to properly make your bed. Kids, use this great tactic to impress your parents next time they ask you to make your bed!

A bed can be more than a place to pile clothes and electronic devices – here's how to make a bed and make it look nice.

Step 1: Place bed skirt

Place a bed skirt between the mattress and box spring by lifting one side of the mattress and sliding the skirt on, then lifting the other side of the mattress and pulling it into place.

Step 2: Adjust bottom sheet

Lay a fitted bottom sheet over the mattress, adjusting the sewn pockets at diagonally opposed corners first. Then fit the other two over and smooth it out.

Step 3: Lay on top sheet

Lay the top sheet over the fitted sheet and spread it so that it hangs, un-tucked, evenly on both sides, with the bordered edge at the head of the bed.

TIP: Lay the top sheet upside down if you are going to turn it out over the coverlet, so that the border shows.

Step 4: Tuck the end

Tuck the hanging end of the top sheet at the foot of the bed, folding it flat and under, creasing at the corners to form a "V," hospital style, and then pulling the long side taut.

TIP: Change sheets and pillowcases often to limit wear and tear.

Step 5: Add blanket and comforter

Smooth a blanket over the sheet, and tuck the bottom under the mattress at the foot of the bed. Lay the comforter, quilt, or duvet over this and let it hang.

Step 6: Prop pillows

Slip pillows into their cases and prop them on the cover against the head board. If you lay them under instead, shape and smooth the cover.

Step 7: Decorate the made bed

Arrange the extra decorative pillows and those in shams or protectors, in creative patterns that liven up the room.

Did you know? In ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt, pillows were often made of solid wood.

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