How To: Kill bed bugs with a dry ice trap

Kill bed bugs with a dry ice trap

In order to kill bed bugs with a dry ice trap, you will need the following: a dog bowl, a towel, a cooler, a cotton ball, painter's tape, and talc powder. Your goal here is to make a trap for bed bugs. It is a monitor. It is designed to trap hungry bed bugs. This will help you to find out if you have a bed bug problem. The dog bowl that you buy a dog bowl, you will need to pay attention to the way that the dog bowl is made. It needs to have steep walls. Tape the sides of the dog bowl. Use the cotton ball to apply talc to the well of the bowl, after you turn it over. Place a towel on the base. Open the cooler a little bit. Place the cooler on top of the towel.

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I did this after we treated the house and only found 2 bugs on the tape does that mean we are finally done or am I not doing it right ??? I did it for 2 nights and only those 2 bugs. I'm scared to put stuff back in that room we have treated the house like crazy. And haven't found anymore in any room.

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